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How Much Is A 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar Worth?

How Much Is A 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar Worth

As coin collectors, it’s a question we’re all too familiar with: How Much Is A 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar Worth? In this day and age, coins are rarer than they’ve ever been. We see them lying around during the course of our daily lives, yet most people walk past them without giving them much thought. However, a lot of people forget just how rare the 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar can be.

The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most sought-after coins in the United States. However, it is not that easy to find one with a flawless surface, meaning that all decks of cards will have creases and scratches from use. This makes it impossible for collectors to obtain one without sacrificing their sanity. We have made an article that tries to answer the big question “how much is a 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar Worth?”

Most Valuable 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar

The Most Valuable 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar was Sold on Jan 13, 2022 for: $144,000.00

Most Valuable 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar

Depending on the mint mark and other factors, on average an 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar is worth about $26-$175 in Good Condition, in MS 60 condition it is worth $60-$2402 or more.

Despite these estimated prices, the 1899 Morgan Silver has been sold for as much as $102,812.50 in auctions.

The 1899 Morgan Silver dollar is hot stuff in the collector’s universe and also for investors because of its low mintage and high market value. It is the second-lowest mintage in the series and this has made it a very valuable coin, because of its rarity they sell at a good price and even better if it is in a high-quality grade, such as the extremely fine grade and the uncirculated grade.

PCGS estimates that out of the 15 million pieces that were produced in 1899, only 10% of this particular coin is still in circulation.

The 1899 Morgan Silver dollars have 3 different variations, with the Philadelphia dollar mint state being the least.

  • Philadelphia mint (no mint mark)
  • San Francisco mint (mint mark S)
  • New Orleans mint (mint mark O)
Mintage 19,020,000
Metal Composition 90% Silver – 10% Copper
Mass/Weight 26.73 grams
Diameter 38.1 mm
Thickness 2.4mm
Minted At Philadelphia,  San Francisco, New Orleans
Mint Marks None (Philadelphia)

S ( San Francisco)

O ( New Orleans)

Edge Reeded
Designer George T Morgan
Design Date 1878
Obverse design Lady Liberty
Reverse design Eagle

1899 Morgan Silver Dollar: History

1899 Morgan Silver Dollar History

The 1899 Silver dollar had a relatively low mintage, on top of that only a few were released into circulation, it was in the 1950s that bags of previously hoarded coins began appearing.

More 1899 dollars were released in the massive silver dollar releases by the Treasury Department vaults from 1962 to 1964. In 1899, over 15 million Morgan silver dollars were minted from three different mints with the Philadelphia being the least for that year.

859 proof coins were made from this mint too. The rarity of this particular coin has greatly increased its value; it’s a good deal for collectors.

1899 Silver Dollar Design



This side of the coin depicts Lady Liberty positioned in between 13 stars, on her crown is inscribed Liberty.   On this face of the dollar is “E. PLURIBUS UNUM 1891.” which means out of many, one.



The reverse side of the coin features a bald eagle with wide-spread wings, clasping arrows, and an olive branch with its feet. Inscribed on this side of the coin is “ONE DOLLAR, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, IN GOD WE TRUST”. You can also find a wreath that surrounds the above half of the eagle here.

1899 Morgan Silver Value

The value is determined by the rarity and condition of the coin, the table below shows the range of the value of some of the grades of this coin. According to a 1899 morgan silver sold for over $26,000

Number Minted
Good Grade
Extremely Fine Grade
Uncirculated Ms (65)
San Francisco
New Orleans

The Proof coins had 846 mintage and are worth $3200 or more.

The 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar Mint Marks

You can easily tell the mint by checking in between the “D” and “O” in “Dollar” on the reverse face for the mint mark. The 1899 Morgan Dollar comes in New Orleans mint, San Francisco mint, and Philadelphia mint which has no mint mark.

1. 1899 O Morgan Silver Dollar Value

Mintage: 12,290,000

1899 O Morgan Silver Dollar Value

The 1899-O Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most valuable silver coins in the United States. Its estimated value is $33 in average condition but can be worth $60 to $222 or more in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition.

Condition  Price
Good $26
Very Good $33
Fine $38
Very Fine $44
Extremely Fine $47
Uncirculated (AU) $50
Uncirculated (MS-60) $60
Uncirculated (MS-65) $222

2. 1899 S Morgan Silver Dollar Value (San Francisco)

Mintage: 2,562,000

1899 S Morgan Silver Dollar Value (San Francisco)

The 1899-S Morgan silver dollar is also one of the most coveted U.S. coins in the world, with an estimated value of $46 in average condition and as much as $423 to $2,402 or more in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition.

Condition  Price
Good $40
Very Good $46
Fine $51
Very Fine $58
Extremely Fine $75
Uncirculated (AU) $165
Uncirculated (MS-60) $423
Uncirculated (MS-65) $2402

3. 1899 P Morgan Silver Value (Philadelphia)

Mintage: 330,846

1899 P Morgan Silver Value (Philadelphia)

The 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar is a perfect example of the beauty that can come with owning rare coins. The coin has an estimated value of $182 in average condition and can be worth as much as $307 to $1,061 or more for an uncirculated (MS+) mint condition version. The proof version is valued at $3,220 or more.

Condition  Price
Good $174
Very Good $182
Fine $194
Extremely Fine $234
Uncirculated (AU) $262
Uncirculated (MS-60) $307
Uncirculated (MS-65) $1061
Proof $3220

Proof Coins

846 proof coins were made in 1899 and it was in the Philadelphia mint. You should buy from reputable dealers to avoid buying counterfeit coins.

Grades of 1891 Morgan Silver Dollar

From insipid-looking Good grade coins to very lustrous Uncirculated grade coins, it is necessary to know the grades of your coin as it can help you ascertain the value of your dollar. There are certain key areas to look at that reveal the condition of your coin.

The eagle’s head, Lady Liberty’s cheek, brow, hair over ear, and curls over date are all important areas to check for wear and damage to your coin. Check around the face and neck of Lady Liberty, the area in front of her face,  body, and wings of the eagle, above the eagle’s head and side of wings for piths, scratches, and wear.


1899 Morgan Silver Dollar

You won’t find any fine lines in Lady Liberty’s curls, all that is left is large curls. Her forehead and cheeks have merged completely. Good coins are usually heavily damaged coins with chippings, scratches, bad shapes, and some details of the coins all gone, but you will find the stars and letters still separate from each other. A good-grade coin will have very significant wear and have no luster remaining.

Fine Condition Grade

Fine Condition Grade

Although letters and rim will still be defined, at this point, original details and designs have started to merge, you won’t find intricate lines in Lady Liberty’s hair and forehead. Since these coins will have been used in the open market for a long period of time, you will find some wear, scratches, and smoothness as a result of many exchanges of hands but overall you won’t find any serious damages.

Extremely Fine Condition Grade

Extremely Fine Condition Grade

If you look closely you might notice some of these signs on an Extremely Fine grade dollar. Behind lady Liberty’s ear and forehead you might see little details of her hair fading out. The fold of the cap may have slightly flattened, and the top of the wings, neck, and breast feathers might have also started to diminish. There is usually wear but not very serious wear on Extremely Fine coins.

Uncirculated Condition Grade

Uncirculated Condition Grade

The uncirculated coins have their original luster maintained. There is no wear on its surface and sometimes may be as good as new since it has never been in circulation in the open market.

1899 Micro-o Error dollar

1899 Micro-o Error dollar

The error version of the 1899 dollar is called the “micro-o”. This one has an unusually small “o” as the mint mark. It is the New Orleans Mint that is affected. So if you check the reverse side of this coin you’ll find an abnormally small “o”. This error actually went unnoticed for many decades until it was finally discovered and just like that, this version of the 1899 silver dollar value increased and the price soared.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a 1899 Silver dollar worth?

An 1899 silver dollar in Good grade condition ranges between $26 – $174 while the Uncirculated grade can even get to $3222. The worth of this dollar is largely determined by its rarity and condition of the dollar. The auction grade of this coin has sold for as much as $26,450. You should put into consideration all factors discussed in this article to help you.

What is the 1899 Morgan silver dollar value?

The value largely depends on the rarity and condition of the particular piece involved.

What is the rarest 1899 Morgan Silver Dollar?

The Philadelphia Mint is the rarest of this year with only 330,000 mints. The second-lowest of this series

Is an 1899 Morgan Dollar rare?

Yes,  the number of these coins that were produced is low, PCGS even estimated that only 10% of the original production quantity is in circulation.

Are there any 1899 Morgan Dollar errors?

The micro-o is the error version of this year. The mint mark found on the reverse face is relatively smaller and more rounded.

Are there any Proof coins for 1899 Morgan Silver dollars?

846 proof coins were minted in the 1899 batch


The 1899 Morgan Dollar is one dollar known for its rarity, especially its uncirculated condition. New Orleans has the highest mintage for this year and the Philadelphia dollars the least. As a result of its rarity, it might not be that easy to collect pieces of it in extremely fine condition but the good thing is even a good-grade coin in its very poor condition is not completely useless as there are people willing to buy and sell it because it is still a precious metal.

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