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How Much Is A 1923 S Peace Silver Dollar Worth?

If you were to go online and try to search for an accurate appraisal of the 1923 S Peace Silver Dollar, chances are you will be presented with wildly varying figures depending on where you do your searching. This goes to show how difficult it is to get a real estimate of the 1923 S Peace Silver Dollar.

You can get an accurate appraisal of the 1923 S Peace Silver Dollar from leading experts in the antique and coin industry. However, getting in contact with one might be quite the ultimate search.

Not to worry, our verified experts have created this guide that’ll give you some basic info about the coin values.

The 1923 S Peace Silver Dollar

Peace Dollars
Metal Composition
90% Silver – 10% Copper
26.73 grams
38.1 mm
Minted At
San Francisco
Mint Mark

The 1923 S Peace Silver Dollars
The 1923 S Peace Silver Dollars, one of the greats that will always be in the books and history of American coin history. The worth of these coins today can be valued by considering a couple of factors. However, investors would always ask the golden question “How Much Is A 1923 S Peace Silver Dollar Worth.

The average price for a 1923 S Peace Silver Dollars ranges from $24-$59. This range depends on the condition of the coin. Uncirculated 1923 S Peace Silver Dollar coins are said to have sold for up to $29,000 at heritage auctions.

The melt value of the coin is $16.49

1923 Peace S Silver Dollars: History

The effects of World War I still linger in the minds of Americans seven years after the war ended, and there is yet another six years until the Great Depression hits. The United States is in the midst of an economic boom and needs silver coins to replace all of the Morgan dollars melted down by the Pittman Act.

Thus came the Peace Silver Dollars. It was designed by Anthony de Francisci to commemorate the end of World War I, it was minted from 1921 to 1935.

The Peace Dollars were the last United States dollar coin minted in 90% silver until the issuance of the Eisenhower Dollar and later the Susan B. Anthony dollar. The Peace Dollars were minted during America’s prosperous years, but that production ceased soon after the Great Depression began.

In the year 1923, a total number of 19,020,000 coins were minted in the San Francisco mint in the United States. All the coins were perfectly minted with little or no known errors. Like others, the 1923 S Peace Dollars weighs 26.73 grams.

1923 S Peace Dollar Design (Obverse & Reverse)

The obverse and reverse of Silver Peace Dollars are a testament to the artistic endeavors of Anthony de Francisci, who was hired by the U.S. Mint to do the artwork for this collection.


1923 S Peace Dollar Obverse

1923 S Peace Dollar Obverse

The obverse side of the Peace Dollar features the inscription “Liberty; In God We Trvst; 1923.” It also features a bust of a woman facing left with a pointed crown and flowing hair.  The sculptor modeled the obverse design of the dollar after that of his wife, Teresa de Francisci. He did not have time to hire a model with the features he envisioned for his design due to the short length of the competition.

The sculptor of the word ‘TRUST’ on the Coin formed the letter U as a V, which may have been unintentional. However, this choice of letter “V” was to indicate (Victory)


1923 S Peace Dollar Reverse

The back side of the coin has an eagle perched on a rock in the center with rays and holding an olive branch.  Another thing worthy of note on the back side of the coin are the inscriptions “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” “One Dollar,” “Peace,” and “S.” The “S” obviously indicates that the coin was minted at the San Francisco mint.

The eagle is at “peace” and is facing the rays, some say this depicts desire and hope of emerging peace.

1923 S Silver Dollar Value

According to the USA Coin Book, The estimated value of a 1923-S Peace Dollar is $28 in average condition and can be worth $59 to $6,692 or more in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition. However, experts have seen sales as low as $24, and also sales as high as $49,200

The value of a 1923 S Silver Dollar is dependent on the condition of the coin. Most collectors categorize the condition to good, fine, extremely fine, and uncirculated.


1923 S Silver Dollar Value Good

Coins in this category have been in circulation for years and this has probably led to the wear and tear of the coin. Some features of a graded “good” 1923 S peace dollar would be; the bird missing feather details, and some of the letters on the front and back of the coin might be completely wiped off or barely visible. Coins like this have little or no collectible value.


1923 S Silver Dollar Value Fine

A glance at this coin would obviously indicate that there is wear, however, it isn’t as bad as the former. The bird might also have a couple of lines still clearly visible on its feather. The alphabetic letters on the coin can be seen but faintly.

A coin may only be tagged as “fine” if the overall details of the coin can be seen clearly. Although the appearance might seem dull.

Extremely Fine

1923 S Silver Dollar Value Extremely Fine

These coins aren’t perfect coins! Clearly, you can see that they are way better than the previous conditions. On the back of the coin, the rays are seen better than that of “good” and “fine”, and the bird’s feather can also be seen, although a bit faint. The words on the front and back are visible but might have slight wear.

Here’s a fact, an extremely fine coin might seem to be perfect, however, only to an unprofessional. For a collector, slight wear to the crown or a letter could be more than enough to place peace dollars in the extremely fine category.


1923 S Silver Dollar Value Uncirculated

Uncirculated coins are rare, they have no sign of wear and the reason is obvious; they have not been given out to the public and look as good as new, as though they were just released from the mint. Finding this quality is very hard. As a collector, using a magnifying glass can help to properly examine the coin.

1923 S Peace Silver Dollar Value Chart

Below is a coin value chart that shows the coin values with prices listed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 1923 S silver dollar rare?

It isn’t a rare coin. In fact, it is fairly common, with over 18 million coins minted in the United States. Many of these coins have survived to this day and are available for purchase at reasonable prices. However, you’d mostly find coins in Good, Very Good, and Fine conditions. In Mint State 65 and above the 1923 S silver dollar becomes a rarity.

What is a 1923 S silver dollar worth?

As earlier stated, the worth of a 1923 S silver dollar depends on the condition of the coin. On average, a circulated 1923 S silver dollar coin could be worth $24-59. Uncirculated coins in mint state 60 and above would sell way higher. On the 18th of August, 2021, a 1923-S $1 in MS66 condition sold for as high as $49,200.00 at heritage auctions.

How much silver is in a 1923 S Peace Dollar?

Its silver content is about 24 grams of silver which make up about 90% of the metal composition of the coin. The other 10% is made of copper.

What makes a 1923 Peace Dollar rare?

1923-S Peace Dollars are scarce in higher grades. A steady supply of coins in Mint State 60 to 63 is available today, but coins grading above 64 and 65 are rare, and above MS-65 the date is practically non-existent in the two major third-party grading companies’ holders.

How much is the 1923 S Peace dollar worth?

The Silver Dollar has an average price of $24-$59. This range depends on the condition of the coin. Uncirculated 1923 S Peace Silver Dollars have sold at auction for up to $29,000 and more.

Final Words

At best, wear will devalue your coins; at worst, they could render them unsaleable. It is up to you to do the research, and your situation and location may be different from someone or somewhere else. Contacting a coin dealer in your area or going to a Coin Show might be the easiest way for you to get this question answered. I hope this article has been of help to you. Kindly share!

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