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How Much Is A 1943 Mercury Dime Worth?

How Much Is A 1943 Mercury Dime Worth

One of the most valuable coin series among American coin collectors is the 1943 mercury dime. The mercury dime emerged in the United States between 1916 and 1945. Also known as the Winged Liberty Head, the mercury dime was followed by the Roosevelt dime design, which still circulates today.

1943 mercury dimes are known for their diverse value, as you can purchase some as low as a few cents, while rare dimes have been sold for about $400. But there are different things to consider when asking how much a 1943 mercury dime is worth. These range from the proof to its condition.

We will cover the different factors you need to know before buying or selling your 1943 mercury coin.

Year 1943
Mint Mark No mint mark
Type Mercury dime
Value $2 – $395
Face Value 0.10 USD
Produced 191,710,000
Edge Reeded
Silver Content 90%
Silver Weight 0.0734 oz
Melt Value $1.51

Most Valuable 1943 Mercury Dime

The Most Valuable 1943 Mercury Dime was Sold on Aug 12, 2010 for: $19,550.00

Most Valuable 1943 Mercury Dime

How Much is a 1943 Mercury Dime Worth?

1943 Mercury Dime

The worth of a 1943 mercury dime depends on the condition and the coin’s date. A standard 1943 mercury dime is valued between $1.59 and $4.50.

There is also the 1943 D mercury dime value, produced in Denmark. It is worth between $1.59 and $5.27 based on the condition. Then, the 1943 S mercury dime value is between $1.59 – $5.69.

Rarer silver coins are worth even more than the standard dimes. A 1943 mercury dime was once sold for $395 on eBay. The best part of the dime is the overdate, in which 42 was written over 41. This is one of the most prominent errors on 1943 mercury coins.

The high value of the coin caused other eBay sellers to also auction their silver dimes for hundreds of dollars.

What is the Condition of your 1943 Mercury Dime?

The 1943 mercury dime value depends on its condition. Enthusiasts usually judge the value of a coin based on its condition, as the coins are categorized based on their grade. If you want to buy or sell these valuable coins, check the condition first.

Your 1943 liberty dime can be good, fine, extremely fine, uncirculated, or in mint condition. Here are the definitions, values, and descriptions of the condition categories:


The lowest category for 1943 mercury dimes is good. This describes a coin that has been heavily worn out and is in poor condition, which gives it the lowest value. While the mintmark and coin date will be readable on a good mercury dime, many of the design elements are worn out.

The coin values of 1943, 1943 D, and 1943 S is the same, average at $1.59. The rim is the easiest way to check if your mercury dime is good. The rim would have worn into the lettering. In this case, the main value of the coin is in the silver content.


Another category of 1943 mercury dimes is the fine condition. The coin is already worn out and in average condition, but the details are still clear. The coin values of 1943, 1943 D, and 1943 S mercury dimes are approximately $1.70.

On a 1943 mercury coin, the design on the center will be worn out, and the hair and wig will be slightly separated. The forehead and hair curls on Liberty will also be joined together, while the feathers would’ve leveled into one.

Extremely Fine

1943 silver dimes that have circulated for a short time are categorized as extremely fine. The dime will be slightly worn, with all the finer and more important details since clear. If your 1943 mercury dime has a fresh and fine appearance despite a little wear, you can pin it as having an extremely fine condition.

Silver coins of 1943 in extremely fine condition have an average value of $1.91. This is the same with the 1943 D and 1943 S mercury dimes.

As you analyze your 1943 mercury coin, you might notice that the hair of Liberty is now flattened and close to her eye. The feather details on the coin will also lose definition and appear flat. This is the description of a 1943 mercury dime in extremely fine condition.

Mint or Uncirculated

The most sought-after 1943 mercury dime is those that are in mint condition. These uncirculated dimes were never circulated, which means they still look as brand new as the day they left the mint. Mint dimes are at the high end of mercury dime value, attracting a wide range of collectors.

Uncirculated condition 1943 mercury dimes have an average value of $4.50. Then, the 1943 D dime has an average worth of $5.27, while the 1943 S dime is worth an average of $5.69.

If you want to check your mercury dime for the uncirculated condition grade, you should inspect the design to check if there is any wear or tear. If it was circulated, you would notice wear on the luster of Liberty’s hair near the ear, the cheek, and the middle of the wig.

History of Mercury Dimes

Mercury dimes are one of the most beautiful coins to hit America from the US Mint. It is also a very old and valuable penny, depending on the one you purchase. This is why collectors highly demand the 1943 mercury dime. The mercury dime is also known as the Winged Liberty Head and was designed by Adolph A. Weinman.

The 1943 mercury dime is worth 10 cents and is a popular collectible from the 20th century. It is now called the Mercury dime despite being made with 90% silver and 10% copper. The nickname was from Miss Liberty on the coin, who resembles Mercury, the Roman god.

The mercury dime is one of the first modern coins that collectors look for proactively, based on its date and mintmark. There are different reasons why enthusiasts look out for 1943 silver coins. The common reason is if you’re building a set of World War II coins between 1941 and 1945.

What Do 1943 Mercury Dimes Look Like?

1943 Mercury Dimes

On the reverse of a 1943 mercury dime, you will see an ax and an olive branch. Then, the United States of America One Dime is written on the reverse.

But the obverse is the most popular part of mercury dimes. It displays Liberty with a winged Phrygian cap, a symbol of the Freedom of Thought. This design element caused Liberty to be confused for Mercury, a Roman messenger of the gods.

How Much Are Other Mercury Dimes Worth?

Since the mercury dimes were released between 1916 and 1945, many other coins were released with different values. The highest recorded on the 1943 mercury dime is $395, but some other mercury coins are worth over a thousand dollars, and some are rarer. Most coins in this range have an affordable value. Here is a table of the 1943 dime value.

1916, 1916 D, 1916 S $1.91 – $1,969
1917, 1917 D, 1917 S $1.59 – $131
1918, 1918 D, 1918 S $1.59 – $137
1919, 1919 D, 1919 S $1.59 – $339
1920, 1920 D, 1920 S $1.59 – $220
1921, 1921 D $29 – $1,470
1923, 1923 S $1.59 – $236
1924, 1924 D, 1924 S $1.59 – $304
1925, 1925 D, 1925 S $1.59 – $333
1926, 1926 D, 1926 S $1.59 – $1,124
1927, 1927 D, 1927 S $1.59 – $278
1928, 1928 D, 1928 S $1.59 – $233
1929, 1929 D, 1929 S $1.59 – $35
1930, 1930 S $1.59 – $81
1931, 1931 D, 1931 S $1.59 – $93
1934, 1934 D $1.59 – $43
1935, 1935 D, 1935 S $1.59 – $29
1936, 1936 D, 1936 S $1.59 – $24
1937, 1937 D, 1937 S $1.59 – $19
1938, 1938 D, 1938 S $1.59 – $21
1939, 1939 D, 1939 S $1.59 – $19
1940, 1940 D, 1940 S $1.59 – $5.69
1941, 19412 D, 1941 S $1.59 – $5.69
1942, 1942 D, 1942 S $1.59 – $6.88
1942/41 error $215 – $1,736
1944, 1944 D, 1944 S $1.59 – $5.69
1945, 1945 D, 1945 S $1.59 – $5.27

How Rare are 1943 Silver Coins?

Remember that a 1943 silver liberty dime is also a mercury dime. The intrinsic value of the silver dime is about 2 cents, but they are worth $3+ as collectibles. But, when it comes to a 1943 silver liberty dime very rare, you can spend as much as $400 on purchasing one.

How to Buy 1943 Mercury Dimes

If you want to add a 1943 mercury dime to your coin collection, you can easily search and purchase one from different channels. Before purchasing your mercury dime, it’s important to first check the condition to make sure you’re paying the right price for it.

You should also analyze the markings on the coin for the year and where it was minted. Here are the best platforms for purchasing 1943 mercury dimes.

Online Platforms

Use an online marketplace like eBay or Amazon if you don’t want to spend a long time looking for a 1943 mercury dime to add to your collection. You can easily search for mercury dimes on eBay, with the prices going as high as $30. It is also possible to buy these 1943 dimes on Amazon. Remember that online purchases are tricky because you can’t check the coins in person. But they are also fast and convenient.

Currency Converter

You can also purchase 1943 mercury dimes on currency converters, as very few are still in regular circulation. Although it would be difficult to find one, you can check out platforms like Leftover Currency to get the 1943 mercury dimes.

Local Coin Dealer

Local coin dealers are another good place to get 1943 mercury dimes. Although local coin dealers are not as popular as before, you can still find top choices close to where you live. Local dealers can be found in coin shows and clubs. You can also ask in online forums and other coin collectors you might know.

Dealers and Auction Houses

One of the best ways to get rare coins, especially when they are out of circulation, is in dealers and auction houses. You can purchase from a specialist dealer or an auction house. This also assures you that the coin is graded.

How to Sell 1943 Mercury Dimes

On the other hand, you might have mercury dimes and decide to sell them. If you want to sell it, it is best to list it on Amazon or eBay for free and on other online marketplaces. But, you can also take your 1943 mercury dime to a local shop near you or ask other collectors you might know if they would like to purchase it.

The best way to sell your 1943 mercury dime is when the value is proven. Before you can sell the coin to others, you should check the condition based on the guidelines you gave. You also need to check the date, denomination, and mint mark. It’s also important to weigh your mercury dime before selling it.

Once you prove that the mercury coin is authentic and worth the condition you stated, it will be easier to get a buyer for your dime.

More Info On the 1943 Mercury Dime

Whether buying or selling your 1943 mercury dimes, it’s important to learn all the important information about the coin. Here are some helpful details to keep in mind:

Final Thoughts

The 1943 mercury dime worth is between $1.59 and $4.50 but can go as high as $400 depending on previous auction prices. When purchasing it online, you can pay between $10 and $30, based on the platform. You can ramp up your coin collection with the mercury dimes, especially if it’s a World War 2 coin collection.

If you’re considering selling your 1943 dime coins, you should assess it completely and do it on a reliable platform. This is the best way to attract other coin collectors looking for this dime. Our complete guide makes it easy to purchase or sell your 1943 mercury dime based on its worth.

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