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1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar Value & Pricing Guide

1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar Value and Pricing Guide. What are these half dollars worth? How much will I get from selling one? That’s what we’re going to cover in this Stone Mountain Dollar Value & Pricing Guide. Follow along as we talk about prices and value information found on eBay, as well as coin grading services like PCGS and NGC.

If you want to learn more about the 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar value and pricing, then you came to the right place! 1925 is one of the rarer dates minted in American history. This guide will examine the 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar and offer insight into various considerations that can yield a better understanding of pricing when evaluating these coins.

1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar

1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar

Value 0.50 cents
Mintage 1,314,709
Mass 12.5 g
Diameter 30.61 mm
Thickness 2.15 mm
Edge Reeded
Composition 90% Silver – 10% Copper
Silver 0.56169 Troy oz
Years of minting 1925
Mint marks No mint marks
Design Portrait of confederate generals

Robert E. Lee (Right)

Stonewall Jackson (Left)

Designer Gutzon Buglum
Design date 1925
Mint Philadelphia
Mint Mark No

According to the NGC price guide, the value of 1925 Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar in mint state (MS) is estimated to be about $77 to $15,000. (Mint state being an uncirculated condition.)

Note that for your coin to be worth something substantial, it has to be not just uncirculated, but also graded.

When graded MS 60, the worth is $65, when it is MS 63 it is worth $85. It is $185 when graded MS 65 and $325 when graded MS 66. And the melt value is $7.88 per ounce as at June 21, 2022.

Commemorative dollars from 1892 to 1954 weren’t supposed to circulate. As you will soon learn they were made for a purpose that did not involve public spending. Hence most of the stone mountain half dollars survive in the mint state making collectors favor them very much.

Every coin is unique in its appearance with unfamiliar details making them attract attention.

The most expensive stone mountain dollar sold was on the Greatcollections auction site. That auction closed on July 6, 2014, at $1,710.50.

1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar: A Comprehensive History

The story that gave birth to the half dollar with the name of Stone Mountain has beginnings that stretched back into years before 1925.


Stone Mountain is a land in Georgia in the east Atlanta suburbs. The first settlers were European descendants who arrived there around 1790. The large outcropping of rock was initially called Rock Mountain. By 1947 the Georgia legislature adopted the name Stone Mountain.

Exposed granite at Stone Mountain

Exposed granite at Stone Mountain Image Source: Wikimedia

The stone mountain was a quarry long before this time though. This was a time reaching back from the American civil war of 1861 to 1865.

It becomes clear that the Stone Mountain half dollars have always shared its fate with the confederacy which comprised the states that seceded from the union, and which led to the American civil war. The war ended, but not the memories.

By 1914, people had started calling for a memorial of the war, of the confederate soldiers who fought gallantly in it. These people included editor John Temple Graves, a writer for the Atlanta Georgian, and attorney William H. Terrell who was of the opinion that the southern states had not done enough to honor confederate heroes.

Vocal for the monument was also a woman named Helen Plane whose husband died at the Battle of Antietam in 1862. The film The Birth of a Nation also heralded the need for the honor of confederate soldiers.

Enter the Union Daughters of the Confederacy. They called upon John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum who had studied art at the San Francisco Art Academy to carve the image of General Lee on the stone mountain. While officials wanted something as small as 20 feet by 20 feet sculpture, Borglum suggested something bigger: 200 feet high and 1,300 feet long.

Close-up of the memorial

The largest bas-relief sculpture in the world, the Confederate Memorial Carving depicts three Confederate leaders of the Civil War: President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson (on their favorite horses, Blackjack, Traveller, and Little Sorrel, respectively). Source: Wikimedia

Originally, Borglum envisaged a depiction of generals, soldiers, and artillery, the works. It was a huge project that required funding so they formed the Stone Mountain Confederate Monumental Association which would create awareness and raise funds for the project.

The owners of the land, Samuel H. Venable agreed to a deed that stipulated that the land becomes the association’s own on the condition that the project is completed in 12 years. And if not completed by that time the title would revert to the family.

The Birth Of The 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollars

The work proved to be such a huge project that the funding the association had was nowhere near enough to complete it. The association advocated the half dollars as a means of raising funds. The suggestion was approved by Congress and once again Borglum was called upon to design the coin.

The Commission of Fine Arts rejected the design made by Borglum several times; he was forced to remove references to president Warren Harding under whose tenure the project had begun and who was a recently deceased president. This removal itself was at the behest of president Calvin Coolidge.

The coins were sold for $1 each and the sales effort of the coins were extensive and were sponsored by the association. When Borglum was fired in 1925 from the sculpting project it affected the whole process, hurting the flow of funds and almost halting the project overall.

Many supporters of Borglum which included the Union Daughters of the Confederacy were alienated. When in 1928 an audit was carried out on the accounts of the fundraising, large-scale corruption was detected and construction on the mountain stopped.

By 1970 however construction was completed. Meanwhile, over a million Stone Mountain Half Dollars remain extant making them cheap, unlike the other commemorative coins.

1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar Design

A look at the design of the 1925 Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar. The coin was designed by Gutzon Borglum. Influenced by sculptor Rodin, Borglum left painting and went into sculpting 1901 and became an award-winning artist. 1925 attests to the man’s artistry. Take a closer look at the design of this coin.



The obverse of the coin depicts two people on horses. On the right is Robert E. Lee who was born on January 19, 1807, and died on October 12, 1870. He was a confederate general who served in the civil war. He led the army of northern Virginia, the most powerful army in the confederacy at the time.

The second depiction shows Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson born on January 21, 1824, and died on May 10, 1863. Stonewall was a confederate general as well. He led many of the military engagements in the eastern theater during the American war earning him a place in the ranks of the best commanders right behind Robert E. Lee.

General Jackson is facing Robert and they seem to be having a discussion. Above their heads are 13 stars. The horses are looking at the words “STONE MOUNTAIN”. Borglum’s initials are found near the tail of the horses. The top of the coin reads “IN GOD WE TRUST”



On the reverse of the coin is a proud eagle perched on a crag and perhaps more words on a coin than you have ever seen.

It features the words, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” in block letters, “HALF DOLLAR” is written below on the other edge right under the eagle. There are also the words, “E PLURIBUS UNUM, LIBERTY,” and the heartwarming words “MEMORIAL TO THE VALOR OF THE SOLDIER OF THE SOUTH.” Upon closer look you can count 35 faint stars placed throughout the face of the coin.

Fun Fact:

5 million commemorative half dollar coins were authorized but 2,310,000 were minted eventually for sale. An approximate 1,310,000 coins were sold. 1,000,000 coins were returned to face their fate in the furnace.

On January 21, 1925, 1,000 commemorative half dollars were minted in Philadelphia to celebrate the 101st anniversary of Stonewall Jackson’s birth.

When Borglum was sacked from the project he left and began working on the project on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar Value

To help both collectors, the general public, and anyone who might have an interest in collecting coins by purchasing them do so with ease, bodies are set up to grade coins. Grading assists in separating valuable coins from ones that aren’t worth much. Below is a key to understanding grading language.

Hence below you have the value of the Stone Mountain 1925 half dollar in mint state (MS) with numbers from 50 to 70 to show the quality of the condition. The higher the number the higher the value of the coin. Check the table below which was updated by the NGC coin guide to see the value of the coin.

1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar Value By NGC Coins
Grade Price
G $111
VG $123
F $139
VF $155
EF 40 $183
EF 45 $201
AU 50 $237
AU 53 $248
AU 55 $262
AU 58 $272
MS 60 $282
MS 61 $295
MS 62 $314
MS 63 $336
MS 64 $477
MS 65 $725
MS 66 $990
MS 67 $3,103
MS 68 $7,198
MS 69 $8,882
MS 70 $16,245
1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar Value By PCG
EF 40 $45
EF 45 $50
EF 45+ $50
AU 50 $55
AU 50+ $55
AU 53 $60
AU 53+ $60
AU 55 $60
AU 55+ $60
AU 58 $62
AU 58+ $62
MS 60 $65
MS 61 $68
MS 62 $85
MS 62+ $95
MS 63 $110
MS 63+ $120
MS 64 $140
MS 64+ $160
MS 65 $235
MS 65+ $260
MS 66 $350
MS 66+ $475
MS 67 $900
MS 67+ $2600
MS 68 $22,500
MS 68+ $32,500

The table here gives you an idea of how much your coin will be worth should you have a 1925 Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar. Like I have said earlier you don’t know where your coin falls here at this price until you have it graded.

Furthermore, 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar has been sold at various auctions, here are a couple of examples;

  • 1925 50C Stone Mountain MS68 NGC Sold on Dec 6, 2019, for $3,840.00
  • 1925 50C Stone Mountain MS68 Sold on Feb 24, 2005, for $28,750.00
  • 1925 Stone Mountain Commemorative Half Dollar ICG MS 67: $169.19

1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar Error Coins

This refers to the coins that were incorrectly minted. This is another exciting branch of coin study that influences the value. Error coins come in so many varieties of ways. The following errors are found in the 1925 stone mountain half dollar.

Double-Die Error

Double-Die Error

The double-die is produced when there’s a mistake in the production making the image appear twice on a single coin.

It is said that the more obvious this mistake is, the more valuable the coin is. There’s so much sentimental value attached to mistakes it would seem. For coins, collectors just love to have the ones with errors on them. Below is a value estimate by PCGS for double-die 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar.

Grade Price
MS 63 $150
MS 65 $275
MS 67 $1,250

If you happen on a double-die 1925 half dollar, or happen to have one or some in your possession, get it graded fast because they are very valuable.

The table above is not definitive, it is only a price guide as your coin can wind up in the category of most expensive 1925 50 cent. This isn’t the only type of error 1925 half dollar.

Counterstamp Error

Counterstamp Error

Above is another variety of 1925 half dollar that is worth some money. This error coin is called a counter stamp coin. This coin is counterstamped with the letters ARK for Arkansas and the number 203.

Counterstamp is when a coin has had an additional symbol or mark punched into it at some point when the coin is in circulation. Counterstamp, countermark, and punchmarked are almost the same with a little variation. People countermark an existing coin for many reasons.

The most popular reason is if the currency is reformed. In order not to render the coin in circulation useless, the coin is counterstamped with the new feature.

Below is an estimated value by PCGS for 1925 stone mountain half dollar counter stamped coins.

Grade Price
MS 63 $150
MS 65 $275
MS 67 $1,250

Littleton Coin Company has over 75 years of experience under its belt grading coins. they can be relied upon for coin values. They are known to be some of the most stringent graders.

According to their own grading, the value of this half dollar is between $113 and $139 all in mint state. On their website, they graded the 1925 half dollar thus:

Grade Price
Genuine $113
Extra Fine $122
About Uncirculated $130
Uncirculated $139

Please note that prices listed are guides.

More On Error Coins: Countermark, Counterstamp, Punchmark, And Others

More On Error Coins Countermark, Counterstamp, Punchmark, And Others


This term is used when referring mostly to Indian silver coins. They are pieces of metal of standard weight with symbols that are applied with punches. They are called punch mark coins for this reason.

Overstrike (Numismatics)

This is a situation where an existing coin instead of a blank one is struck with a new design.

An overstrike was done in the past when the first strike on the coin was unsatisfactory. It also happens when the blank accidentally slips out of place during the process of minting. In the past, old and worn out coins were struck again with new designs at the instruction of a new ruler or by a foreign state.


This is a situation where an additional layer of print, text, or graphic is added to the face of a bank note, revenue stamps, or others. This is an equivalent of a countermark on a coin. This term is not used in the case of a coin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 1925 stone mountain half dollar worth?

The Stone Mountain half dollar is worth different amounts in different conditions. It is worth around $55 in about uncirculated condition, which means a condition that’s close to the original appearance when it was newly made.

A severely worn commemorative coin can be worth $25. If the coin is fully uncirculated, the worth can climb to $150. It is important to acquaint yourself with the grading systems of each company or auction house where you intend to sell your coins. Doing this allows you to sell at more significant prices.

Is stone mountain half dollar silver?

To an extent yes because it contains 90% silver. The composition consists of 90.0% silver and 10.0% copper. The stone mountain half dollars is also referred to as one of the silver commemoratives or a commemorative coin.

How many stone mountain coins were made?

2,310,000 coins were minted. A stone mountain coin was $1 dollar each. Though this was less than what was proposed. Note that the coins were meant to be sold to the public to raise funds for the construction of the stone wall memorial project. The plan was to make 5 million coins to raise the estimated funds. Somehow this number was reduced because the minting was done only by the Philadelphia mint.

What is the rarest US half dollar?

The rarest US half dollar was sold on November 5, 2004, by the Heritage Auction site. It was sold for a whopping $270,250 at the time. The name of that coin was the 1919-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

Over a million coins were made in the Denver facility in 1919, yet some experts do not consider the coins rare. The significance of this dollar is that it was well-struck, it is one of the most beautiful coins around and every collector’s dream coin.

Who is on the 1925 stone mountain dollar?

There are two figures on the obverse of the 1925 dollar. They are general Robert E Lee who served in the confederate army. He was appointed the overall commander of the confederate states army. He led the army of northern Virginia.

The second person on the coin is Thomas Jonathan Stonewall Jackson, also known as Stonewall Jackson. He was also a confederate general during the American civil war. He was nicknamed Stonewall, Old Jack, Old Blue Light, and Tom Fool. Both men are veterans of wars and their images are sculpted on the half dollar to honor their valor.

How many stone mountain coins are there?

There are 2,310,000 stone mountain coins. Out of this number, an approximate 1,310,000 were sold to the public to raise funds for the stone mountain project. The unsold coins amounted to 1,000,000 which were returned to be melted.

What year is the most valuable half dollar?

The 1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar is the most valuable half dollar for its reverse features and great eye appeal. There are only five known examples of this half dollar in mint state. It has an outstanding mint luster, an attractive blue and champagne-gold color, and one of the best eagle details on the reverse. The coin features design details that are clear and well defined.

Final Thoughts

The 1925 commemorative half dollar is one of the interesting US half dollars. It is one of the coins that were made and sold instead of being issued for spending. Commemorative dollars or coins were usually made with distinct designs referencing the occasion on which they were issued. With the right buyer, this coin is worth a lot of money.

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