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How Much Is A 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Worth?

Have you ever wondered, how much is a 1964 Kennedy half dollar worth? Is it worth more than your average half dollar? Of course, it is, but more than that, you may be surprised to learn exactly how much value it has.

The 1964 Kennedy half dollar is worth an average of $9.53 in good condition, and it can be worth as much as $10.78 to $18 or more in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition. Proof coins are worth as much as $19 or more.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

This 1964 Kennedy half dollar has the “D” variation that was minted at the United States Denver mint and it is worth about the same as the regular 1964 P Kennedy Half Dollar.

Keep reading, in this article, we will go in-depth and try to help you value your 1964 Kennedy dollar without having to seek help from a coin expert.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar History

The Kennedy half dollar, minted in 1964, is a fifty-cent coin in circulation today. Designed as a memorial to the 35th president of the United States John F. Kennedy, it was authorized by Congress just over a month after his death.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar
Location Minted
Philadelphia 277,254,766
Denver 156,205,446
Total 433,460,212

The silver coins were hoarded upon their release in March 1964 by collectors and those interested in a memento of the late president. Although the Mint greatly increased production, the denomination was seldom seen in circulation— probably because it was considered too valuable for everyday use.

The 1964 issue of the Kennedy Half Dollar was the only coin to be struck in 90% Silver and 10% Copper. Later years like the 40% silver composition lasted from 1965-1967 and was made up of 40% Silver and 60% Copper.

While banks are able to provide half dollars in abundance, their supply is limited. Production of Kennedy half dollars for general circulation ended in 2001, although collectors are still able to purchase them at a premium through the Mint. From 2002 to 2020, Kennedy half dollars were struck only for collectors to satisfy their demand. However, from 2021 onward, the Mint began production of Kennedy half dollars again for general circulation.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar
Metal Composition 90% Silver – 10% Copper
Mass/Weight 12.50 grams
Diameter 30.60 mm
Thickness 2.15 mm
Mint Marks “D”
Silver  0.402 troy oz
Edge Reeded
Designer Gilroy Roberts

The Treasury Department made the coins available to the public beginning on March 24, 1964. To help meet the demand, the Mint struck Kennedy half dollars in large numbers.

The Treasury initially planned to issue 91 million half dollars for 1964, but raised the number to 141 million. However, despite a public announcement of the increase and a concerted effort to increase the number of coins in circulation, more coins were not released into circulation or prices on the secondary market decreased.

Except for 1965 through 1967, proofs have been struck each year in the same metallic composition as regular issue pieces. Kennedy’s first half dollar proof was released in early January 1964; it depicted Kennedy with heavily accented hair. Approximately 100,000 coins were struck with this feature; they are rarely encountered today.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar – Design

The design process was led by Gilroy Roberts, Chief Engraver at the Mint from 1948 to 1964 and an experienced designer in his own right, ensuring that a new design would be ready for immediate minting.

Before the strike, Roberts said, “They wanted to start striking the new Half Dollar in January.” To expedite their process, Roberts and Gasparro had modified designs they had completed in 1961 for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Series.

Roberts modified his profile sculpture for the obverse side of his coin, and Gasparro modified his Presidential Seal for the reverse side of the coin. Roberts wanted to create a “coin whose beauty would endure” and leave no doubt as to its subject.



The coins obverse features the face of the assassinated former U.S President John F. Kennedy. It also features the word “LIBERTY” above the head of Kennedy all the way to the side. The words “IN GOD WE TRUST” are inscribed below his neck, also visible on the front of the coin is the year “1965.”



Besides the beautiful stars adorned on the back side of the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar, it also features an eagle that appears to be holding an olive brack on one leg and arrows on the other. The eagle’s wings are spread out in a conquering manner and the chest is covered with a shield. Just above the head of the eagle are the words “E PLURIBUS UNUM”.

The reverse also features the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” above the eagle and “HALF DOLLAR” below the eagle.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Types & Mint Marks

Are you confused about how to determine 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar types or Mint Marks? Have no fear, I will guide you through each of these valuable coins so that when you find a coin at the bottom of your pocket change, you can quickly identify its type and mint mark.

The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar was minted at only two locations;

  • Philadelphia (no Mint Mark)
  • Denver (“D” Mint Mark)

The mint mark for the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar can be found on the reverse of the coin just below the olive held by the eagle. If your coin has no mark it means it was struck at Philadelphia mint, if it does have a mint mark you should see the “D” mark which indicates that it was struck at Denver.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Value by USA Coin Book
Year Good MS 60 MS 65 PR 65
1964 P $9.58 $10.83 $18 $19
1964 D $9.58 $10.83 $18

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Value

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Value

Group Half Dollar
Mintage 277,254,766
Minted At Philadelphia
Mint Mark No mint mark

The value of a 1964 Kennedy half dollar depends on many factors, the condition being the major factor that affects the value of an old coin such as the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar. According to the USA coin book. The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is worth $9.57 in average condition and can be worth $10.82 to $18 or more in uncirculated mint condition. Proof coins are worth up to $19 each.

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Value By Greysheet
Grade Price
AU 50 $12.33
MS 60 $12.66
MS 63 $13.34
MS 64 $16.04
MS 65 $27
MS 66 $101
MS 67 $520
MS 68 $9,380

The prices you see above are the least average prices for these coins, however, you can be lucky enough to sell your coins for a higher price at auctions. Below we have listed some examples of the 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar sold at auction;

  • 1964 50C MS67+ PCGS: Sold on Jan 9, 2020 for: $3,360.00: This gem is extremely rare at the high grade, although that scarcity rarely earns certification at the Superb Gem level of preservation. This MS67+ example is tied for finest certified.
  • 1964 50C PR69 Deep Cameo PCGS:Sold on Aug 4, 2017 for: $1,880.00. 1964 Kennedy half dollar is a favorite due to its first-year of issue status and 90% silver alloy. This Deep Cameo example is nearly flawless, showing needle-sharp detail and brilliant contrast.
  • 1964 50C PR69 Deep Cameo PCGS Sold on Aug 12, 2016 for: $2,467.50. This half dollar is a certified gem, having never been graded higher at either PCGS or NGC. It has exquisite field-to-device contrast with frosty devices and deeply mirrored fields.

1964 D Kennedy Half Dollar Value

1964 D Kennedy Half Dollar Value

Half Dollar
Minted At
Mint Mark
“D” Mint Mark

The 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar is estimated to be worth $9.55 in average condition and can be worth $10.80 to $18 or more in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition according to USA Coin Book.

1964 D Kennedy Half Dollar By Greysheet
Grades Price
AU 50 $12.35
MS 60 $12.69
MS 63 $13.37
MS 64 $16.07
MS 65 $31.05
MS 66 $130
MS 67 $585
MS 68 $24,000

Overtime coin collectors and enthusiast have listed their near perfect coins on auction websites and they sold for pretty high amounts. Below are some examples of 1964 D Kennedy Half Dollar coins sold at auction.

  • 1964-D 50C MS67+ PCGSSold on Jul 7, 2016 for: $5,405.00. This 1964-D Kennedy half dollar is the only PCGS Plus designated MS67 example of the coin with just one finer example at PCGS, and none finer at NGC. Both sides are brilliant and highly lustrous with variegated toning on the obverse, and rich peripheral gold on the reverse.
  • 1964-D 50C MS67+ NGC Sold on Jan 9, 2020 for: $3,840.00. This 1964-D Kennedy half is tied for the finest coin at NGC, a distinction that makes it unsurpassable for the Registry collector. The obverse is vividly toned in multicolor hues, while the reverse is essentially brilliant. The strike is sharp and neither side has distracting abrasions.
  • 1964-D 50C MS67 PCGS Sold on Mar 3, 2016 for: $822.50. This 1964-D Kennedy half is a type two reverse. The coin is second to only a single finer coin at Professional Coin Grading Service, with its obverse portrait sharp and both sides displaying unabraded satiny luster. Champagne toning blankets most of the surfaces, although there are additional amber-gold, olive, and burnt-orange hues around the left margin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my 1964 Kennedy half dollar is valuable?

If your coin is in perfect condition without scratches this makes it valuable. Also, if your 1964 Kennedy coin is an error coin from any of the mints, it will be highly valuable.

What does SMS mean on coins?

SMS means Special Mint Set. Mint sets are special sets of coins issued by the United States Mint from 1965 to 1967. They are characterized by being struck on higher-tonnage coin presses than circulation strike coins, but they were not struck as Proofs.

How many grams of silver are in a 1964 Kennedy half dollar?

About 90% of the coin is made up of silver which makes about 11.25 grams of the entire weight of the coin, thus giving the coin a melt value of about $7.

Which JFK half dollars are valuable?

Below are some years to look out for when in search of valuable JFK half dollars. They might not be easy to come by, but they’ll surely be worth the find.

  • 1970 D
  • 1967 P
  • 1966 P
  • 1968 D
  • 1965 P

Are all 1964 half dollars valuable?

Kennedy half dollars from 1964-1970 are very much valuable and could sell for hundreds or more. Half dollars from 1971 might not have much value as older coins but some special coins with errors might sell high at auction too.

How do you know if you have a SMS coin?

SMS coins feature a nice, smooth, satin-like appearance. The fields are usually well struck and come without any major nicks or scratches. The edges are also usually square and sharp.

Final Words

1964 Kennedy Half Dollars are scarce today. The coin has been in circulation for many years, and as such there are plenty of coins that people have collected. You’re probably wondering what makes these investments so valuable. If you collect coins or have an appreciation for them, then a 1964 Kennedy half-dollar is something that can be worth your investment.

These half dollars are made out of 90% silver which gives them a value superior to most dates. This makes prices for these coins much higher due to the rarity and collector demand for them.

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